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11th May2012

Humidification Devices

There are many different humidification devices used in humidors these days.  They come in all different shapes and sizes to fit your needs.  In this article I...

07th Feb2012

Cigar Strengths

Cigars come in many different strengths usually classified as mild, medium, full and anywhere in between the three.  Different tobaccos from around the world contribute to the...

07th Feb2012

Hand Made vs Machine Made Cigars

Hand made of machine made is the most basic way to classify cigars.  Cigars are either rolled by hand or made by machines.  If you walk into...

07th Feb2012

Cigar Fillers

Fillers are the tobacco that is at the center of the cigar.  It accounts for the majority of the cigar.  Fillers come in two types, long filler,...

07th Feb2012

Cigar Wrappers

Cigar wrappers are the outermost part of the cigar.   The wrapper defines a lot of the cigars characteristics and flavor.  It is also the first thing...

07th Feb2012

Cigar Sizes/Shapes

Walk in to any cigar shop and you will find a variety of cigars in many shapes and sizes.  Meaning the length , ring gauge (its diameter...

07th Feb2012

Cigar Cutters

There are three different styles of cuts that can be made on a cigar, Guillotine cut, Punch cut, and V-cut.  Each has its own advantages and disadvantages,...

07th Feb2012

Types of Cigar Lighters

Cigar lighters come in many different forms ranging from matches, zippos, single torch, dual torch, triple torch, and normal bic lighters.  Different choices are up to the...

07th Feb2012

Cigar Lighting Techniques

Some people just take their cigar in their mouth start puffing away while lighting the cigar at the same time.  While this method does light your cigar,...

07th Feb2012

Problems When Smoking

There are many problems that can arise while smoking a cigar. Some issue are related to lighting the cigar, while some just have to do with the...